(Anthony Horowitz has established a reputation as one of the most inventive authors of the last twenty years, from writing young adult novels, short stories, and mysteries, he has always kept his legions of fans guessing. He spoke to us about his latest venture, this time he’s writing a James Bond novel and so far he’s received critical acclaim from reviewers all around the world).
TSM: How long have you been fascinated by Bond?

AH: I was taken to see Dr. No when I was eight years old (in 1963), and I was blown away. I read the books when I was in my early teens. I’ve been fascinated by Bond ever since.
TSM: Tell us about the new book.

AH: Trigger Mortis goes back to Ian Fleming’s creation. It’s set two weeks after Goldfinger ends and finds Bond living with Pussy Galore…not entirely happily. Then M calls. It seems that SMERSH is up to its old tricks…

Anthony Horowitz on James Bond

TSM: Do we have a wonderful Bond villain?

AH: I hope so! My villain is a Korean called Jai Seong Sing, although everyone calls him Jason Sin. He has been traumatized by events in the Korean War and is now working for SMERSH, planning a huge terrorist event on American soil.

TSM: What would you say is your favorite Bond book?

AH:  Goldfinger is my favorite James Bond book and also, as it happens, my favorite James Bond film.

TSM: We know that Sherlock Holmes has rivals; what about the rivals of Bond? Who are some of your favorite fictional secret agents?

AH: I’m a fan of John le Carré’s Smiley novels and, of course, there’s always Jason Bourne. I’m still waiting for someone to make a new Modesty Blaise film. I used to love the books.

TSM: Do you think that Bond has evolved through time and do you think that is a good thing?
AH: I think the filmmakers have done a brilliant job moving Bond forward over the decades, and Daniel Craig is a serious rival to Sean Connery. That said, the Bond of Trigger Mortis is a much less “modern” figure…he belongs in the fifties with all the attitudes and manners of that time.


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TSM: Will you write another Bond book?

AH: I’d love to write another Bond novel if I was asked. I loved writing Trigger Mortis.

TSM:Did you have to go through the estate to approve everything? How did that work?
AH: Any new Bond novel will be initiated by the estate and they control everything! That said, they were a pleasure to work with. They let me write the book I wanted to write and provided useful notes when it was finished. Best of all, they were never too authoritarian. Everything was up for debate.

TSM: What are you working now?

AH: I have a new TV series being made for the BBC, New Blood. My play, Dinner with Saddam opens soon in London.