My Top 10 Favorite Thrillers of 2022 . . . So Far!  

2022 is shaping up to be another great year for thriller fans. Whether you’re looking for a returning character or a new series to try out, here are my ten favorite books that have come out so far!  

1.) Oath of Loyalty by Kyle Mills  

Mitch Rapp is back and better than ever in this hard-hitting adventure from Kyle Mills, who continues to carry on Vince Flynn’s legacy with yet another must-read thriller. When the country Mitch Rapp has spent his entire adult life protecting suddenly turns on him, it’s up to the American assassin to find a way to right wrongs and expose the truth about a corrupt president before it’s too late.  

2.) Rising Tiger by Brad Thor  

It’s incredible that twenty-one books in, Thor continues to get better each year, always finding ways to top himself. This time around, he takes his hero, Scot Harvath, to a new battlefield—one that he’s less familiar with but that has plenty of shadowy players waiting for him. Nonstop action and plenty of headline-beating plotlines make this one a must for any fan of the genre.  

3.) Portrait of an Unknown Woman by Daniel Silva  

One of the greatest spy novelists the genre has ever known, Daniel Silva turns in another brilliant, twisting adventure starring the once wayward son of Israeli intelligence, Gabriel Allon. No longer chief of the Office, Gabriel has settled down with his wife and children for what he hopes is a quiet life away from the dangers that his previous job entailed. It doesn’t take long, though, for Gabriel to get pulled back into the world he’s tried so hard to leave, this time to help a friend in need. I couldn’t put this book down, and trust me, you won’t be able to either.  

4.) Shadows Reel by C. J. Box 

Joe Pickett, America’s favorite game warden, returns in this expertly plotted thriller from C. J. Box. When a dangerous secret finds its way to Saddlestring, Wyoming, it’s once again up to Joe Pickett to figure out what’s going on. As always, things turn western pretty quickly, and though he has help from those around him—including his pal Nate Romanowski—Joe realizes he might finally be in over his head. Box is unquestionably one of the greatest storytellers alive today, and his latest is as good as anything he’s ever written.  

5.) In the Blood by Jack Carr 

It’s only been a few short years since James Reece burst onto the thriller scene as the star of Jack Carr’s New York Times bestselling debut, The Terminal List, which is now one of the most-watched series on Amazon (starring Chris Pratt), but already he’s proven to be among the best characters the genre has to offer. Now five books in, Carr continues to show why readers have flocked to his work, delivering another action-packed story with more than a few twists and turns along the way.  

6.) Sierra Six by Mark Greaney  

It’s been years since Court Gentry, aka the Gray Man, was part of a covert CIA action team. But in his latest heart-pumping thriller, Mark Greaney takes readers back to the beginning, revealing more about the man once known as Sierra Six. Playing with dueling timelines, Greaney continues to crank up the heat while also further developing his protagonist. You might have seen the film adaptation of Greaney’s debut on Netflix, starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. And while the movie is excellent, the books are better—including this one, which might just be the author’s best novel to date.  

7.) End of Days by Brad Taylor  

When a killer hell-bent on ushering in the end times leaves a trail of bodies across Rome, American operator Pike Logan is sent in pursuit—but soon a bigger conspiracy emerges, and with little time to waste, it’s once again up to Pike and his fellow Taskforce members to save the day. Nobody writes with the kind of been-there-done-that authenticity that Brad Taylor brings to the table, and he packs in more action than ever with his latest offering. Taylor is the king of the military thriller genre, and his work is not to be missed. If you’re not reading him, start.  

8.) Dark Horse by Gregg Hurwitz 

Plucked from an orphanage many years ago and trained as part of a top-secret government program, Evan Smoak has since decided to use his unique set of skills for good. Working as a vigilante for those in serious trouble, Smoak—known only as the Nowhere Man—once again answers the call, only to quickly find himself in over his head. One of my favorite series going right now—I cannot recommend Hurwitz’s work enough. Whether you’re looking for hard-hitting action or nail-biting suspense, this one has it all and then some.  

9.) Tom Clancy Zero Hour by Don Bentley  

Jack Ryan Jr. continues to soar to new heights thanks to the masterful plotting of New York Times bestselling author Don Bentley. Gone are the bloated, wordy, slow-played threads of past books. Layered with technical details and riveting action scenes, Don Bentley’s latest Jack Ryan Jr. thriller represents a new era for Clancy’s readers, one geared more toward action and fast-paced plots that put Jack Jr. in unthinkable situations readers will devour. If you haven’t tried any of the Ryan books since Clancy stopped writing them, give this one a go. You won’t be disappointed.  

10.) The Last Sentinel by Simon Gervais  

This explosive sequel to The Last Protector (2021) follows ex–Secret Service agent Clayton White, who will stop at nothing to protect the woman he loves after a series of events leaves her life in grave danger. Simon Gervais, one of the hardest working and most underrated talents in the thriller world today, outdoes himself with this page-turning, heart-thumping thriller that readers won’t soon forget.