2019 Triple Pack: John Steinbeck, Joyce Carol Oates, Walter Mosley and John Grisham



2019 Triple Pack: John Steinbeck, Joyce Carol Oates, Walter Mosley and John Grisham

John Steinbeck Issue

The new Steinbeck story, “The Amiable Fleas” revolves around a discerning cat named Apollo who serves as critic and confidant to the chef of a gourmet restaurant. Add in some family conflict and a restaurant critic and you have all the ingredients of a short comedic masterpiece.

From the humorous we shift to the sinister with “Final Interview” by the inimitable Joyce Carol Oates. It is a treat to publish such a prolific and influential writer, and Oates does not disappoint—offering a story about a burnt-out writer, a pathological youth, and a condescending journalist, all seemingly headed on a collision course. Also in this issue, Robin Yocum warns us not to underestimate an over-the-hill mobster with “The Last Hit,” and David Marcum, takes Holmes and Watson back to Dartmoor—of The Hound of the Baskervilles fame—to investigate a cold case in “The Dowser’s Discovery.”

Walter Mosley Featured

In our 57th issue, Walter Mosley writes a thought provoking short story about a bank teller’s impact on a huge corporation with “An Unlikely Serious of Conversations.” Noted author James Ziskin pens a story about a meek husband’s escape plan with “A Bed of Roses.” Jeffrey Alan Lockwood has a most unusual PI solve a murder case in “With a Little Help from my Friends.” Across the pond, Elizabeth Creith lets Tudor-era witchcraft collide with modern science in “The Spanish Entanglement.” And in “A Simple Solution,” David Marcum returns us to the Great Detective’s early days, challenging Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson with what seems at first blush an open-and-shut case.

John Grisham Featured

In our 59th issue, we’re proud to present an exclusive interview with John Grisham, where he reflects on his path from lawyer to author, work with the Innocence Project, and his views on mass incarceration in the United States, not to mention some advice about writing itself.

James Lee Burke brings his inimitable style to bear on “Deportees”—a timely piece of short fiction featuring recurring character Sheriff Hackberry Holland—which we are proud to present in this issue.

The talented Laura Benedict brings us “Carnival,” a sinister, psychological tale that’ll make you think twice about the dangers of sleep deprivation. Mark Edwards pays r homage to W.W. Jacobs’ “The Monkey’s Paw” with “Wish You Dead,” in which a jealous boyfriend goes to unspeakable lengths to get back the woman he loves. And David Marcum has Holmes and Watson investigating the mysterious machinations of twin brothers in “The Case of the Curious Cardboard Boxes.” As always, our stories are highlighted by the wonderful illustrations by the enormously talented Jeffrey B. McKeever.


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