A Presumption of Death



Jill Paton Walsh scores a winner in her second novel based on the characters invented by the late Dorothy L. Sayers. -“Houston Chronicle” “There’s good news for fans of Dorothy L. Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey/Harriet Vane mysteries. Jill Paton Walsh has repeated the success of her bestseller, “Thrones, Dominations,” with a new novel featuring the beloved sleuths. Using “The Wimsey Papers,” in which Sayers described life in Britain during World War II, Walsh devises an irresistible story set in 1940 at the start of the Blitz.” A Presumption Of Death While Lord Peter is abroad on a secret mission, Harriet Vane, now Lady Peter Wimsey, takes their children to safety in the country. But there’s no escape from war: rumors of spies abound, glamorous RAF pilots and flirtatious land-girls scandalize the villagers, and the blackout makes rural lanes as sinister as London’s alleys. And when a practice air-raid ends with a young woman’s death, it’s almost a shock to hear that the cause is not enemy action, bu


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