Brain Tree – Christmas Eve 1000 Piece Puzzle for Adults: With Droplet Technology for Anti Glare & Soft Touch



Isn’t Christmas Eve the moment where you spread joy among your family and friends with amazing presents? Well of course what to gift each person can surely be a dilemma. BrainTreeGames introduces its best assortment of Christmas eve jigsaw puzzles to make sure that your Christmas is only filled with pleasure, bells, and music without any unwanted hassles. So make your loved ones feel special on this Christmas eve. Buy Christmas eve puzzles and bring the fun of puzzle-solving into your homes! We offer the most durable and sturdiest puzzles constructed from the best raw materials. All 1000 piece Christmas eve puzzles for adults have a thickness of 1.75 mm and are fairly durable. They’re perfect for both kids and adults searching for a new challenge because of their superb craftsmanship.

Each puzzle piece is around 1.75 mm thick which makes the puzzles durable and sturdy, high-quality netherland puzzle boards are used to give the puzzles a tight fit. Every 1000 puzzle piece is unique in shape and size. Each puzzle pieces cutting structure is drawn manually to get the best puzzle experience possible.

Included inside the box:

  • Puzzle Sorting Trays
  • Puzzle Saver Zipper Bag
  • Puzzle Poster
  • Puzzle Box Stand
  • Random Cut Puzzles for adults 1000 piece