Death on the Nile



Christie and Poirot! On board a Nile steamer, Hercule Poirot meets Linnet Doyle, a woman who appears to have everything: youth, beauty, style, wealth, and a loving husband. When tragedy strikes, it’s also clear she has an enemy: Doyle is shot through the head. As the complications multiply, detective Poirot is faced with airtight alibis. His “little grey cells” kick into overdrive. Through the Belgian’s brilliant deductions, Christie displays her own genius. Eccentric and fastidious, egocentric and precise, the little Belgian detective with his sparkling eyes and carefully waxed moustache looks, to the uninitiated, ridiculous. Just a dandified foreigner. Plump, barely over 5 feet, four inches tall, the vain Poirot is nevertheless eternally dignified, and always wears formal clothes, down to gleaming white spats and up to his jaunty bowler. He solves murders using, as he insists, nothing but his little grey cells. Twenty-four movies have focused on Poirot’s skills, including 10 starring David Suchet on the A&E Network and six starring Peter Ustinov. Other actors performing as Poirot include Albert Finney, Tony Randall, and Austin Trevor.


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