Life or Death by Michael Robotham


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Taking a break from his long-running, UK-set series featuring psychologist Joe O’Loughlin and retired copper Vincent Ruiz, Robotham tries his hand at a Texas prison break tale. The day before he’s due to be released after serving ten hard years in prison for an armored car robbery that left four people dead and $7,000,000 still unaccounted for, Audie Palmer flies the coop. His escape immediately puts him on the radar of local law enforcement, the Feds, and less honorable folks who desperately want to know where Audie stashed the cash. As Audie tries to stay off the grid, Robotham incorporates flashbacks of his life before prison, and it becomes clear not only that the crime didn’t go down the way it was reported, but also that the conspiracy that surrounds it goes deeper than even Audie thought possible.


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