Santa’s Workshop Pop-Up Advent Calendar




Get ready for Christmas with this colorful, interactive pop-up Advent calendar featuring whimsical illustrations of Santa in his workshop preparing for the big night.

With toys to make, presents to wrap, and lists to check, Santa has so many things to do to prepare for all his deliveries on Christmas Eve. See how Santa and all his elves get ready for the big night with this interactive pop-up Advent calendar.

Each day of December leading up to Christmas, open a different window and discover Santa at the tailor, Santa manning the phones, Santa taking a nap, Santa visiting the doctor, Santa walking the reindeer, and more.

The illustrations featured are details from vintage greeting cards from the American Artists Group Archive. The central image is by Barney Tobey, a famed illustrator from the mid-20th century whose work is in the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Features include:

  • Elaborate central pop-up construction
  • 24 die-cut windows with full-color art underneath
  • Pull tabs and other interactive features