Set of Five Christmas Issues of the Strand


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Set of Five Christmas Issues of the Strand

At the Strand, we decided to go through all of our Holiday issues and we selected five issues to form a gift set for mystery fans. How often can you find a magazine which features unpublished works by Agatha Christie, and H.G. Wells, Christmas stories by Alexander McCall Smith, and Ray Bradbury? The Strand has you covered with holiday reading guaranteed to entertain, tantalize, and enlighten…

Tenth Anniversary Issue of The Strand: Unpublished Agatha Christie, Graham Greene, and Alexander McCall Smith

An issue befitting our ten years, Hercule Poirot appears for the first time in the US since 1975 with “The Incident of the Dog’s Ball.” Part II of the Empty Chair by Graham Greene, as well as fiction by Alexander McCall Smith and R.L. Stine.
R.L. Stine takes us to a journey where we encounter a sequel Frankenstein, where the nefarious doctor is visited by a mysterious stranger who blackmails with exposure to vengeful townsfolk.
The legendary author of The Eagle Has Landed, Jack Higgins speaks about the creative process behind his bestselling books that have been read by millions of fans.
And last but not least, “The Incident of the Dog’s Ball” has Hercule Poirot seeking answers to a compelling and daunting case from an unlikely source.

Strand Magazine Issue 50: Unpublished H.G. Wells Story

The fall 2016 issue of the Strand included a short story by H.G. Wells that has never been published before, titled “The Haunted Ceiling,” this hidden gem is part supernatural, part psychological and is rich in atmosphere. Our 50th issue will also feature a exclusive interview with the talented and prolific Walter Mosley, where the celebrated author of the Easy Rawlins series spoke about noir legends, the craft of writing, and what inspires him to write, as well as fiction by Craig Johnson, John Floyd, Jeffrey Pearce, and Larry Millet.

Edgar nominated author John M. Floyd has a story about which serves as a warning on accepting stolen goods with “Jackpot Mode.” We are very proud to publish a short story by Craig Johnson who has Sheriff Longmire confronting a madman in “Land of the Blind.” While our pastiche by Larry Millet has Sherlock Holmes and Watson take a journey across the pond to tackle a peculiar hound in “The Adventure of the American Drifter.” And Jeffrey Pearce in his first short story in The Strand tells a tale of greed, ghosts, and the macabre with “All Quiet Along the Potomac Tonight.” We also have an Unpublished H.G. Wells story.

In our exclusive interview with Walter Mosley, the bestselling author of scores of books spoke in depth about how he created one of the most iconic sleuths of this generation, his writing routine, and the authors who inspired him become a novelist.

Our book review section reviews mysteries by Noah Hawley, Rena Olsen, Gaku Yakumaru, Marcia Clark, Carl Hiaasen, Alex Berenson, Megan Abbott and much more! And for the first time we have our Young Adult Reading guide which ranks the top 15 books for young adults and kids, chosen by our editorial staff.

The fall issue also marks a great milestone: our 50th issue, we have had such fun bringing the Strand to thousands of our readers every quarter and we look forward to providing more entertainment and reading pleasure to our loyal readers.

For more back issues with works by literary legends follow this link!

The Strand Magazine Twentieth Anniversary Collector’s Issue: Fiction by Mickey Spillane, Max Allan Collins Plus an exclusive with the Charles Todd writing team…

(To celebrate twenty years of publishing The Strand, we’re releasing a new Mike Hammer mystery, as well as short stories by John Floyd, Bonnie MacBird, Olaf Kroneman, David McVey, and an interview with the Charles Todd writing team. And fans of Ernest Hemingway will be stoked to read Terry Mort’s analysis of Hemingway’s long road to Paris. We also have an expanded review section with a young adult reading guide.)

Drawing on the notes left behind by the late, great Mickey Spillane, Max Allan Collins has Mike Hammer on a deeply personal case, a prequel of sorts called “Tonight, My Love.” John Floyd, in his eighteenth story for The Strand, sounds a cautionary note about snitching on a criminal in “Lucian’s Cadillac.” The multitalented writer, actor and producer Bonnie MacBird gives Lady Hilda—from the Arthur Conan Doyle story “The Adventure of the Second Stain”—a chance to explain herself in “Lady Hilda Revealed.” In “Milquetoast,” Olaf Kroneman shows how being a jerk can prove hazardous to one’s health. And David McVey’s “MacKenzie’s Artisan Ghost Train” will have you thinking twice about spooky amusement park attractions. Also, Terry Mort gives us the scoop on the real-life events that led up to Ernest Hemingway’s World War II short story “A Room on the Garden Side,” published for the first time in the last issue of The Strand. And we have the distinct pleasure of sharing a conversation with the mother-son writing team Charles and Caroline Todd. This wonderful duo, better known as Charles Todd, has skillfully created a hugely successful sub-genre in the form of the World War I mystery.

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The Strand Magazine’s 7th issue: fiction by John Mortimer, H.R.F. Keating, Catherine Aird, Edward Hoch and Barrie Roberts

Only 20 copies are available of our first expanded holiday issue which featured holiday themed fiction by John Mortimer, H.R.F. Keating, Catherine Aird, Edward Hoch and Barrie Roberts.

Ray Bradbury’s Last Story headlines our 38th issue…

A perfect gift for the mystery fan. Our 38th issue has the last story known to have been written by Ray Bradbury, “Dear Santa”, as well as fiction by Jeffery Deaver, Alexander McCall Smith, and Michael Koryta.


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