Sherlock Calendar, Steinbeck Combo Pack, Special Holiday Issue, & 221B Baker Street Planner

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Super Gift Pack:
Sherlock Calendar, Steinbeck Combo Pack, Special Holiday Issue, & 221B Baker Street Planner

A Strand exclusive, Sherlock Holmes Calendar 2023 is here, and for years has been our bestselling gift item.

Our calendar is printed on glossy, heavy cover stock with trivia related to Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle. We’ve never produced the same Sherlock Holmes calendar twice, which is why our customers have been purchasing our calendars for decades.

Sherlock Holmes Calendar 2023 has a treat in store for fans of the art of illustrator Sidney Paget who brought Holmes to life in hundreds of illustrations for the original Strand Magazine. We also have several Sherlock Holmes themes, Sherlock Holmes on stage, Jeremy Brett battling Moriarty in “The Final Problem,” Sherlock Holmes and music, Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce, Sherlock Holmes and the supernatural, the various renditions of the Hound of the Baskervilles, and much more!

We have art by Jeffrey McKeever including his painting “Sherlock Holmes Shopping in Belgravia” and three other paintings that were commissioned by the Strand featuring Sherlock Holmes and Watson. Our quotes and trivia section looks at everything from the day that Sherlock Holmes was born to the publication dates of several short stories and novels from the cannon.

Our Sherlock Holmes Calendar 2023 is full color, 11×17 on glossy paper. A collector’s item that will last for years. Sherlock Holmes Calendar 2023 is a Strand Magazine exclusive. Our calendar is printed on heavy card stock and will last as collector’s items for many years to come! Also, the calendar is coil bound which means that it’ll open smoothly and will never ever tear.


John Steinbeck Combo Issues: Issue 58 and 67 Featuring Two Unpublished works by Steinbeck

(Two issues of the Strand which featured two works by Steinbeck published in English for the first time)

In our 67th issue, we’re proud to present the first American release of John Steinbeck’s “How About McCarthyism”.  Like his works of fiction, which are sure to remain classics for as long as people still read, this article, with its clear-eyed analysis of the relationship between democracies and demagogues, is as relevant today as it was in the McCarthy era.  John Steinbeck penned this article when he and his third wife Elaine moved briefly to Paris. The couple fell in love with the City of Lights, and the great American author was so captivated that he chose to pen a weekly column called One American in Paris for a French literary magazine, chronicling his observations as an American. These were to be light-hearted fare—and yet Steinbeck, a keen social critic, was unable to entirely filter out his concerns about life back home and penned this prescient article. He also wrote a whimsical little tale titled “The Amiable Fleas” which the Strand published in English for the first time in 2019.

For our spotlight interview we caught up with bestselling author Louise Penny, who not only has earned critical and popular acclaim for her mystery novels, but has a reputation as being one of the most friendly mystery writers in the business. Penny shared her experiences as an aspiring author while working for CBC Canada,  spoke about the real-life character who served as the inspiration for Inspector Armand Gamache and told us how she survived during quarantine.


The Strand Magazine: New Steinbeck Short Story, Plus Fiction by Joyce Carol Oates

(New Steinbeck short story, fiction by Joyce Carol Oates, Robin Yocum, and David Marcum, exclusive interview with Hank Phillippi Ryan)

In our 58th issue, we’re proud to present the first American release of John Steinbeck’s “The Amiable Fleas.”

The new Steinbeck story, “The Amiable Fleas” revolves around a discerning cat named Apollo who serves as critic and confidant to the chef of a gourmet restaurant. Add in some family conflict and a restaurant critic and you have all the ingredients of a short comedic masterpiece.

From the humorous we shift to the sinister with “Final Interview” by the inimitable Joyce Carol Oates. It is a treat to publish such a prolific and influential writer, and Oates does not disappoint—offering a story about a burnt-out writer, a pathological youth, and a condescending journalist, all seemingly headed on a collision course. Also in this issue, Robin Yocum warns us not to underestimate an over-the-hill mobster with “The Last Hit,” and David Marcum, takes Holmes and Watson back to Dartmoor—of The Hound of the Baskervilles fame—to investigate a cold case in “The Dowser’s Discovery.”

For our spotlight interview we caught up with bestselling author and investigative journalist Hank Phillippi Ryan, who not only has earned critical and popular acclaim for her mystery novels, but has a reputation as one of the kindest and most gregarious mystery authors. Ryan shared experiences as an investigative journalist and offered a dose of pep for all those authors sitting on their manuscripts or trying to chase a trend.

We also have the latest book, audiobook, and DVD reviews.


The Strand Magazine Special Holiday Issue: Featuring Jeffery Deaver and Rhys Bowen

(You might wish to toss a few logs into the fireplace, grab a warm drink, put your feet up on a stool, and dim the lights while you read the holiday issue of Strand. For almost 25 years, we’ve taken our readers on a journeys from Africa to Eastern Europe, major metropolitan cities to small towns, and issue 67 carries on the journey but with a dose of holiday mayhem, a touch of cozy, add an assassin, and a few other thrills.)

We’re proud to present Jeffery Deaver’s “The Babysitter,”  which is a twisty tale by one of the masters of the thriller genre. Also in this issue, Sherlockian pastiche writer extraordinaire Mark Mower takes Holmes and Watson on a yuletide adventure investigating an unusual medical case in “‘Twas the Season;” the always entertaining Michael Mallory brings big city crime to a cozy California town in “What the Cat Dragged In;” and the talented debut author Samantha Lokai loses no time ratcheting up the suspense inside an ordinary newspaper office in a terrifying ode to 1960s-style thrillers with “Tomorrow’s News.” Also, in time for the holidays, our second-to-none team of critics offers up reviews of the latest books in our genre, and don’t forget to take a look at The Strand’s fall reading list.

The cozy thriller is a wonderful mosaic of styles that lend themselves to long winter nights, at times light-hearted works, and in times of distress books and stories that are easy on the soul. One of the most successful practitioners of the cozy is Rhys Bowen. We had a chance to chat with Rhys about the enduring power of authors like Agatha Christie, mysteries past and present, and the wonderful world of travel.

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