Spectres in the Smoke


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The Nazis have only recently been routed, but in England, Fascism is becoming fashionable once again; the odious Sir Oswald Mosley has been vigorously recruiting members to his New Order of Britain party, with the aim of bringing down the Labour government. And with chronic shortages making a misery of post-war life, hes having a disquieting degree of success.Anxious to spoke his wheel, the secret service turns once again to Jethro, Cockney cat-burglar extraordinaire. They appeal to his pride, to his patriotism, to his preference for staying out of jail. Surely he wouldnt mind lifting a few vital documents from Mosleys headquarters? Jethros an obliging fellow and the finest creeper in London, but even with a hand from Ian Fleming (in a cameo appearance), larceny is never as simple as one might like to think. Best Historical Mystery of 2005 Left Coast Crime FIRST TIME IN PAPERBACK Vintage atmosphere, great writing, perfect story . . . nails the period better than I have ever seen it done before Lee Child


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