The Big Sleep: Farewell, My Lovely: The High Window


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Format: Hardcover, 832pp. ISBN: 0375415017 Publisher: Random House, Incorporated Pub. Date: October 2002 From Library Journal Raymond Chandler can’t be credited with inventing the hardboiled private eye genre, but he did perfect it, and since his death in 1959 no one has done it better. These new editions to the “Everyman’s Library” collect the full canon of his work in the story and novel format. Collected Stories actually gathers for the first time all of Chandler’s short fiction, including stories long out of print, for a grand total of 25. Some of the stories will be familiar as rewritten and laced into Philip Marlowe novels, but others, like “The King in Yellow,” feature other detectives, e.g., Steve Grace, who appeared in only a single outing. The novels are still available, but combined with the Stories volume, they make a handsome set and are reasonably priced for hardcovers. All three also contain scholarly introductions. Chandler’s influence still resonates in PI novels today; every current popular sleuth, from Nathan Heller to Easy Rawlins, who does the right thing not because it’s the law or because they’re getting paid but because it is the right thing, has roots in Marlowe. Essential for all mystery collections. Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.


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