The Edgar Allan Poe Keepsake Journal: Includes 10 Illustrated Quote Cards



Edgar Allan Poe, the 19th century’s most widely read author and poet, is one of America’s most renowned storytellers. He rose to popularity during the American Romantic Movement in literature, when feelings of apprehension, terror, and awe were strongly emphasized in writing. Some of his most famous works include the long poem “The Raven” and the short story “The Fall of the House of Usher,” both of which support Poe’s status as a master of mystery and the macabre.
Fans of Edgar Allan Poe, both old and new, will delight in this personal, hardcover journal, which pays homage to the author and his most famous works. Filled with 120 beautifully designed pages and adorned with some of his most famous quotes, this would be the ideal gift for any literature lover or aspiring writer. Not only does it provide a space in which to record original works, but it also acts as inspiration for creativity. Bonus material within the journal includes a short biography of the author and ten unique card stock prints of famous quotes from Poe’s speeches, poems and stories. These could be used as framed art, postcards, or even bookmarks.


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