White Stone Day


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I mark this day most especially with a White Stone. —Lewis Carroll, “The Diaries of Lewis Carroll” Edmund Whitty, a London newspaper correspondent who can usually be counted upon for crisp and lurid copy, has fallen upon lean times. After his triumphant expose of a notorious serial killer, he has inexplicably lost his knack for sensational reporting. Broke and desperate, he seizes upon a generous offer from a mysterious American to discredit a quack psychic. But how, he ends up wondering uneasily, does the psychic know so much about a scandal involving Whitty’s late brother? When the psychic is brutally murdered, Whitty finds himself accused of the crime and thrown into Milbank prison, the most bizarre institution of its kind in England. Help comes unexpectedly from “the Captain,” a gangster not known for charity work. To save his own skin, Whitty must find the men responsible for the disappearance of the Captain’s young niece, Eliza. Whitty’s search takes him to Oxford, where he meets the br


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