By Rick Bleiweiss


There are many ways one can become a successful author, but how that happened to me may be considered unusual because I used manifesting. I believe you can make your dreams come true by visualizing and living what you really want to happen – and eventually, your reality will catch up with your destiny.

I first became aware that thoughts can directly affect external events and objects when I saw the film What the Bleep Do We Know!? In one of its segments, best-selling Japanese author Masaru Emoto reported on his experiment which demonstrated that exposing water molecules to positive or negative thoughts caused the molecules in the water to change shape — with no other stimuli.

Dr. Joe Dispenza was featured in that film as well, relating how thoughts can affect things external to the person thinking those thoughts. That intrigued me, so my wife and I attended a training program with Dispenza to learn more about his theories and the methods he employed for meditating and manifesting that combined the science of quantum physics with energy manipulation and spirituality.


To summarize what we learned:

  • have a goal/vision of what you want your future to turn out to be
  • truly believe it will happen
  • start living like it has already happened
  • have an emotional attachment to it
  • meditate and visualize it happening,
  • feel what it will be like when it happens
  • if you do all of that, then the Universe has no choice other than to have it occur exactly as you want it to be


After we took the training, I started regularly manifesting, focusing on a future in which an historical fiction mystery novel that I was writing, Pignon Scorbion & the Barbershop Detectives, would make a best-seller list and win awards. I truly believed it would happen, I meditated and manifested that it would happen, I told my friends and family that it would happen. I “saw” a chart it appeared on. I “saw” it winning awards and getting rave reviews. In short, I lived my life as though it had already happened, even though the actual event had not occurred yet.

(Like I said… not the most typical route to becoming an author. LOL)

I manifested many other things for the book as well – being taken on by a major literary agent, receiving offers to write a series of Scorbion books from multiple publishers, obtaining rave endorsements from best-selling authors, the book selling well, and my being interviewed on TV, radio and the Internet.

Virtually all of that has come true – I have two great agents (Nicole Resciniti and Julie Gwinn of The Seymour Agency), I received multiple offers for the book and then a multi-book contract with Blackstone Publishing. I was fortunate to be invited to be a featured author at the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association’s Fall Conference where Pignon Scorbion & the Barbershop Detectives was voted the Buzz Book of the entire conference, BookBub twice chose it as a featured title and sent it out to millions of mystery readers, it was named an Amazon Editor’s Pick, and Publishers Weekly gave it a great review and listed it as one of their Debut Mystery Novel Picks. The book has received many glowing endorsements —14 award-winning and best-selling authors have endorsed it – and it is receiving many rave reviews on-line.

            Scorbion exploded out of the gate. On only its second day of release it became the 9th best-selling historical mystery on Amazon. Three months later it was their #1 book in five categories, including Cozy Mystery and Historical Mystery. And, I’ve become in demand as an interview guest across many media platforms, there’s a 5-Star-rated Pignon Scorbion video game app in the Google and Apple App Stores, and a production company has optioned the book to turn it into a TV series or a film.

And I’m certain there are still more good things to come.

You may ask why I am so sure. I can only explain that it is a matter of belief. I have the belief and faith that what I manifest will occur. I guess it’s no more or no less than that.

That said, there is another way of explaining it that I call: reality catching up with destiny. When I manifested what would happen in my future and thoroughly believed it would happen and started to live like it already happened, then that future became my destiny. Therefore, all that is happening at the present time is day-to-day reality catching up to, or fulfilling, the destiny that the quantum universe preordained to happen.

I continue to meditate and manifest and live my life knowing that my future will be exactly what I want it to be.

While doing all of that has worked for me, if you’re personally skeptical about manifesting, I suggest that you might want to consider doing a few things…

  • First, read about manifesting, positive thinking, visioning, synchronicity, or whatever different practitioners that you prefer call it. Research the science and thinking that’s behind it. Consider how you feel about it after learning more.
  • Second, if manifesting appeals to you, think about trying it. What in the heck do you have to lose? You have everything to potentially gain.
  • Third, if you do try manifesting, give it your absolute best shot. Really live your future, not just believe in it. And feel the emotions associated with that experience. Throw yourself in.

I continue to mediate and manifest, and live my future, because I believe in the quantum universe and don’t want to leave that future to chance — and neither should anyone if they don’t have to.

And lastly, I am manifesting the success of Hotel California, the mystery anthology I have a story in that will be published in July from Blackstone Publishing. I think that between my story and those by Heather Graham, Reed Farrel Coleman, John Gilstrap, editor Don Bruns, Amanda Flower, Jennifer Dornbush and Andrew Child (who contributed a new Jack Reacher story), it’s a pretty safe bet that my manifesting will work for that book as well.

So I highly recommend that you give manifesting a try. Think about your dreams and start living like they have happened. And then let me know how it works out for you!