The Strand’s Top Seventeen Mystery Novels to Read This Season

  1. THE WIFE BEFORE by Shanora Williams
  2. MUST READ WELL by Ellen Pall (Bancroft Press)
  3. LAST RAYS OF DAYLIGHT by Christopher Flory (Torchflame Book)
  4. FEAR OF THE  MINISTER’S JUSTICE by Coy Kissee & Geoff Habiger (Artemesia)
  5. THE HERON’S CRY by Ann Cleeves (Minotaur Books)
  6. WHAT JONAH KNEW by Barbara Graham (Harper)
  7. THE LIES I TOLD by Mary Burton (Montlake)
  8. THE GRAVE WITH GREENER GRASS  by DL Havlin (Touchpoint)
  9. THE REGISTRATION by Madison Lawson (CamCat)
  10. CONFIDENCE by Denise Mina (Mulholland Books)
  11. LOCAL GIRL MISSING by Lisa Regan (Bookoutre)
  12. WITH A SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE by Lena Gregory (Beyond The Page)
  13. PICTURE YOU DEAD by Peter James (Macmillan)
  14. THE PALLBEARER’S CLUB by Paul Tremblay (William Morrow)
  15. DISSECTION by Cristina LePort (Bancroft Press)
  16. ALL GOOD PEOPLE HERE by Ashley Flowers (Bantam)
  17. THE PERFECT NEIGHBORHOOD by Liz Alterman (Crooked Lane Books)