Get Ready for the Day Using Sherlock Holmes Gear

By Anna Shura


Getting ready in the morning can be a lot more fun if you are accompanied by Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Luckily, The Strand has a perfect array of helpful Holmes items to start your day:


1. Sherlock Holmes Book Cover Mug

Start off your day with a nice cuppa. Whether you are going for an English Breakfast tea or your usual coffee, this mug allows you to take a sip in Sherlock’s style.


2. Sherlock Holmes Silhouette Wrist Watch

Uh oh-better check the time so you aren’t late. This stylish watch lets you check in with the best detective around your wrist. The Sherlock Holmes Silhouette Wrist Watch is truly elegant with its three-hand quartz movement and genuine leather strap.


3. Sherlock Holmes Tote Bag

Before you head out for the day, you’ll need to pack a bag with an excellent assortment of Sherlock items of course. But first, you’ll have to find a bag for your adventure. There’s no better tote than this Sherlock Holmes bag quoting, “I am a brain; the rest of me is a mere appendix”. (The case of finding a cool bag on a budget is solved: this tote is currently on sale!)


4. Baker Street Mousepad

If your laptop is going with you as the Watson to your Sherlock, then you’ll have to meet in the middle with this Baker Street Mousepad. In the traditional London Underground tube sign design, this durable and colorful mousepad will see you through the day.


5. Sherlock Holmes Gold and Rose Gold Pen Set

At some point in your day you’ll paw through your bag looking for a pen, so it might as well be a sleek gold or rose gold Sherlock Holmes pen. This set comes in a fancy laser engraved gift box, so if you aren’t into hunting for a stray pen, just take the neat box with you!


6. Sherlock Holmes A Novel Journal: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

…And if you are going to take a pen with you, you’d better have a Sherlock Holmes Journal to write in. This Novel Journal is a particularly special Sherlock Holmes collectable. The entire twelve story series of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is shrunken down in tiny print to make up the lines in this notebook. I know, pretty cool, right? It’s on sale too!


7. Sherlock Holmes Brass Magnifying Glass

You don’t keep an elegant Sherlock Holmes engraved magnifying glass with you at all times?

(“The Case of the True Sherlock Fan” can be solved on sale with this item.)


8. Sherlock Holmes Leather ID Holder and Keychain

Before you head out, make sure to grab your ID and keys in this handsome black bound holder. Save $5 to put in your new wallet if you buy this item on sale now!


9. Sherlock Holmes Keychain and Flashlight

Be sure to adorn your new Sherlock ID holder with this practical and Baker Street related key chain. This item is an exclusive from our 221B Baker Street collection; it is an aluminum barrel LED flashlight engraved with Sherlock Holmes’ address. (Detective tip: batteries are included!)


10. Sherlock Holmes Golf/Baseball Hat

While Sherlock throws on a classic deerstalker before leaving the house, you might want a more modern look. Never fear, you can still support Sherlock’s hat game with this crisp Sherlock silhouette and 221B address adorned cap.


Now you are ready to take on the world beyond Baker Street! Let us know what your favorite items are in the comments!