221B Baker Street Desk Set

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221B Baker Street Desk Set

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Sherlock Holmes Pen Light

Six of our favorite Sherlock Holmes gifts make up this wonderful desk set which mystery fans will enjoy for years to come.

Sherlock Holmes Quotable Note Caddy

This Caddy fits into a pocket to keep notes handy and your name in mind…

Check out a few more details:

  • Includes yellow, blue, and white sticky note pads (40 notes in each pad)
  • Burgundy leather bound – guaranteed to last for years.

Made in the USA

Sherlock Holmes Quotable Stylus Pen “To a a great mind, nothing is little”

The Strand Collection’s Stylus-Metal Ballpoint pen features a responsive soft-rubber stylus nib. Its design accurately simplifies the touch screen process on any smart device.  Plus… the reliability of the medium ballpoint black ink makes it a great writing instrument as well. As a result, the contemporary and unique shorter barrel design makes it one of a kind. The pen measures 4.5″.  The Xpress Eos – Stylus Aluminum pens are designed to fit your hand easily for a comfortable writing experience.

Slim anodize matte color twist aluminum ballpoint pens and stylus

2 in 1 ballpoint stylus featuring chrome stripped grip and shinny accents

Works on all touchscreen devices like Iphones, Ipads, Android, Touch Screen Monitors

Made in the USA

Sherlock Holmes Gold-Plated Pen (Pictured in gallery)

Our Sherlock Holmes pen is a perfect writing instrument for readers and mystery fans. Constructed of solid metal with a gold-plated trim, this writing instrument features a medium ball-point pen and is laser engraved with the address of Sherlock Holmes.

Made in the USA.

Sherlock Holmes Notepad

30 pages with art by Sidney Paget.


The 221B Baker Street Desk Set is perfect for readers and mystery fans alike!

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