Carnage on the Committee


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As the judges of a literary prize chip away at the author list, someone else is chipping away at them…. When the chairperson of the prestigious Knapper-Warburton Literary Prize dies in suspicious circumstances, Robert Amiss (the token sane member of the judging panel) wastes no time in summoning Baroness “Jack” Troutbeck to step into the chair. Speculation that a killer may be targeting the judges worries the baroness not in the slightest – it’s the prospect of immersing herself in modern literature that fills her with dread. But noblesse must oblige, even when it means joining the ranks of the superciliati sitting in judgement of the literati. With the baroness at the helm, the judges resume the task of whittling away at the short-list. But the killer, too, has resumed work and is whittling away at the judges one by one.


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