Out of the Blackout


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With the Nazis bombing London on a nightly basis, many working-class families sent their children to the comparative safety of the countryside. When the Blitz ended, the families came for their kidsbut no one ever came for Simon Thorn. His name appears on no list of the evacuated children. And none of his meager belongings offer any clues as to his origins.Now an adult, newly moved to London, Simon is puzzled by an odd sense of familiarity when he walks down certain streets. He remembers his years of screaming nightmares that would terrify his his bewildered foster parents. And he resolves, once and for all, to find out where he originally came fromeven as everything he uncovers suggests that, really, he doesn’t want to know. “Barnard untangles his riddle with great skill, and is likely to outwit all but a handful of readers” New York Times Ideal for fans of Ruth Rendell and John Lawton Multi-award-winning author


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