Sherlock Holmes and the Murder of Lodore Falls by Charlotte Smith


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From the well-worn tin dispatch box belonging to Dr J. H. Watson, three untold stories are brought to light. In Sherlock Holmes and The Murder At Lodore Falls, Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson are drawn into a case that involves murder, blackmail and robbery. It is a case that leads to danger to both Homes and Watson and brings a confrontation with their old adversary. With Dr Watson facing his own personal nightmares, will Holmes be able to solve the mystery and help his troubled friend? The two other tales are Christmas stories. In The Adventure Of The Wooden Boat, Dr Watson is haunted by an old tragedy and copes by building a model boat, which is an old family tradition. In The Call of Angels, Dr Watson has an accident while travelling back to Baker Street and is aided by a mysterious stranger. Who is this mysterious stranger? Sherlock Holmes is determined to uncover the truth, but all is not as it appears as his investigation comes to a stunning conclusion.


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