The Criminal World Of Sherlock Holmes – Volume Two



The Criminal World Of Sherlock Holmes – Volume Two

A shocking account of the savage world in which Sherlock Holmes operated. The crimes of The Ripper; Conan Doyle’s knowledge of the killer’s identity; the methods employed by criminals, and of their pursuers; the harrowing truth about Holmes’ drug abuse, and of his gang of ‘street arabs’, the long-lost crime monographs by the Baker Street sleuth; and much more, this book tells the true story of Holmes’ gas-lit and sinister criminal world.

“Victorian society was violent & exploitive…, footpads and garrotters stalked the streets of the City…beggars were rife.”.

Kelvin is the author of many books about Holmes, the definitive biography of Doyle as a spiritualist & the 3 volume edition of the author’s spiritualist writings. A distinguished life member of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, he has published contemporary crime novels and poetry, and is a member of the Crime Writers’ Association. “The almost legendary Mr Jones…”– Roger Johnson, commissioning ed. of The Sherlock Holmes Journal.

“Kelvin Jones takes the reader into Victorian England, walking side by side with the Great Detective…, an all-round, relentless researcher…” – Mark Alberstaat, ed. of Canadian Holmes.

Author     Kelvin Jones


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