The Patchwork Devil by Cavan Scott



The Patchwork Devil by Cavan Scott

The Patchwork Devil by Cavan Scott is the latest pastiche that Sherlockians all around the world will embrace. Sherlock Holmes had never met a writer who had ridiculed him as bitterly as Samuel L. Clemens had.  For that matter, Holmes had never met a writer who fancied himself a detective.   Yet Sam Clemens not only unraveled Holmes’ investigation into the murder of the hot-blooded woman on Thor Bridge, but also, while writing as Mark Twain, belittled Holmes’ highly-touted detecting skills.  In this recently discovered narrative, Doctor Watson sets the record straight.  He reveals other crimes related to the original murder while relating what prompted Clemens in a 1902 short story to deride the famous detective.   Spurred on by such criticism, as well as by clues discovered in a classic tale by Bret Harte, Sherlock Holmes begins a new investigation, one that leads Holmes and Watson from the gardens of Windsor Castle to the spires of Oxford University in their efforts to track down a deranged assassin bent on wreaking even more havoc.

Cavan Scott is the author of sixty books and audio dramas including theSunday Times Top 10 Bestseller Who-ology: The Official Doctor Who Miscellany, co-written with Mark Wright.He has written for Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Angry Birds, Warhammer 40,000, Pathfinder, Adventure Time, Blake’s 7, Judge Dredd, Highlander and Power Rangers, as well as his own novels and short stories. He lives in Bristol.


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