The Scrapbook of Sherlock Holmes by Archie Rushden

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The Scrapbook of Sherlock Holmes by Archie Rushden

Ten new and original tales of the master detective, told by his loyal friend and assistant, Dr. Watson. The World may not yet be ready for the Giant Rat of Sumatra but it will assuredly be eager for these stories of murder, kidnap and theft. Here are tales of a walled-up corpse, a gun-toting American, a ‘sealed-room’ with a difference and mysterious disappearances, all in the traditional Conan Doyle style. The game is decidedly afoot, as governments totter, dark secrets are exposed and Scotland Yard’s finest stumble and blunder. There are more mysteries solved here, though, than just those brought before Sherlock Holmes – learn at last the truth of his university education, of his first paid case and even his philosophy of toast!


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