What Child Is This?: A Sherlock Holmes Christmas Adventure (Sherlock Holmes Adventure #5)



It’s the season of peace and goodwill, but a Victorian Christmas is no holiday for the world’s most popular detective in this new book from Bonnie MacBird, author of the bestselling Sherlock Holmes novel Art in the Blood.

It’s Christmastime in London, and Sherlock Holmes takes on two cases. The angelic three-year-old child of a wealthy couple is the target of a vicious kidnapper, and a country aristocrat worries that his handsome, favourite son has mysteriously vanished from his London pied à terre. Holmes and Watson, aided by the colourful Heffie O’Malley, slip slide in the ice to ensure a merry Christmas is had by nearly everybody . . .

Bonnie MacBird is passionate about Victorian London and Sherlock Holmes. She lives in an 1890 building right off Baker Street, and fell in love with Holmes as a schoolgirl in her native California. After many years in the entertainment industry as a film executive, Emmy winning producer and screenwriter, she now writes the critically acclaimed Sherlock Holmes Adventure Series for HarperCollins, bringing the much-loved detective back, traditional style, in full-length adventures. Meticulous research, a flair for deductions and a decided sense of humour have turned these into fan favourites. ART IN THE BLOOD was translated into twenty languages and was followed by UNQUIET SPIRITS, THE DEVIL’S DUE and THE THREE LOCKS.

“MacBird’s artistry will keep readers eagerly turning the pages.”
–Michael Dirda, Washington Post

“Perfectly captures the essence of Conan Doyle’s fiction.”–Independent

“MacBird’s series grows stronger with each book and she remains the best and most faithful pastiche writer out there today – bar none.”–The Doylockian

“Victorian London comes alive in this enthralling Christmas mystery, written with intelligence, style, and lovely period detail.”
–Mimi Matthews, USA Today bestselling author

What Child Is This? is the most charming, entertaining Holmesian yarn I’ve read in years. True to the curmudgeonly character, this schmaltz-free Christmas novel also gives a fascinating look at the attitudes toward love and family in late Victorian England – while deftly weaving a suitably Sherlockian double mystery. A must read for Holmesians–and others!”
— Matt Witten, bestselling author of The Necklace

“Bonnie MacBird’s What Child is This? stimulates the mind while it warms the heart. It confirms what we long believed: Not only is Sherlock Holmes the Great Detective, he is a great man.”–Leslie S. Klinger, bestselling anthologist and Sherlockian author

“A tender, beautifully fashioned homage to Holmes and Watson, and the power of love.”–Nancy Holder, bestselling author of The Wicked Saga

“No one can surpass Conan Doyle at his best, but a select few pastiche writers get close enough that they can almost reach out and touch the master. Bonnie MacBird is one of those writers that achieves this consistently. If you need a Holmes story for Christmas (and who doesn’t?) get hold of this immediately.”–The Doyleockian

“A Yuletide treat for any Sherlockian in your life…MacBird skilfully captures the era of late Victorian London, peppering her story with characters and phrases that could easily have come from the pen of the originator himself. The stunning illustrations by Frank Cho complement the text.”–Entertainment Focus