Writing Mysteries



Format: Paperback, 257pp. ISBN: 1551802058 Publisher: Self-Counsel Press, Inc. Pub. Date: June 1999 From parlor-game puzzle to political thriller, from Agatha Christie and Dashiell Hammett to John le Carre and Sue Grafton, the most talked-about and bestselling books are often mysteries. The reason? The enduring appeal of the unknown, and readers’ insatiable desire to discover who committed the crime, and why. If you enjoy reading mysteries and have ever considered writing one, this book is for you. Writing Mysteries explores the art, craft, and business of mystery, crime, and suspense writing. It guides aspiring mystery writers through a practical process for creating a successful mystery — from finding ideas and inventing engaging characters to getting published. Writing Mysteries also helps writers understand today’s vibrant, diverse mystery genre and shows how to take advantage of the opportunities the genre presents. Understanding that the creative process works differently for each writer, the author encourages writers to explore and expand their skills and techniques and develop a satisfying personal approach to writing. Writing Mysteries supports the efforts of novice writers with solid information, useful examples, and friendly encouragement to help build proficiency and confidence.


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