Sherlock Holmes in Verse

(Sung to the tune of SILVER BELLS)

 Melodic adaptations of Sherlock Holmes in Verse

By Daniel E. Lambert


Dirty racetrack, muddy racetrack
Running mile after mile
In the air
There’s a feeling
of winning.

People yelling
Vendors selling
Mugs of stout and good beer
And after each race you will hear:

Silver Blaze, Silver Blaze
It’s payout time in the city
Here he comes, There he goes
Soon he will win the big race.

John Straker,
Blaze’s trainer,
Was killed by a blow
From a stick that we call
A Penang Lawyer…

Inspector Gregory

Has very lately

Arrested a man

His name is Fitzroy Simpson…

Silver Blaze, Silver Blaze
The game’s afoot in the city

Here he comes, Sherlock Holmes!
Soon you’ll return to Colonel Ross!

“The Ballad of Reichenbach Falls”

(Sung to the tune of “On Top of Old Smokey”)


On top of Reichenbach

All covered with ice

I lost my poor Sherlock

To a man full of vice.


He was Moriarty:

A professor by trade;

They fell down together

And legends were made.


I mourned my dear Sherlock,

I cried and I cried,

I whimpered and shuddered

When my best friend died.


But then sometime later

My heart it did rise…

When I found out that Sherlock

Was telling big lies.


He did not expire there

On that cold Swiss peak:

It was only a clever

Game of hide and seek.


My friend he is here now

At Two Twenty-One B:

His hawkish, sloped nose

Is a great sight to see!


So, when you are watching

A fight to last breath,

Don’t count out old Sherlock:

The Man Who Cheats Death!