Top Ten Short Stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald


(The staff of the Strand compiled this list of their top ten short stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald. We look forward to your comments and your favorites!)

  1. “Hot and Cold Blood” (1923)
  2. “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” (1922)6539845963_a7fb2cbd19
  3. “A Short Trip Home” (1927)
  4. “Winter Dreams” (1922)F._Scott_Fitzgerald,_1921
  5. “The Freshest Boy” (1928)
  6. “May Day”(1920)8675601650_665f5ae971
  7. “Head and Shoulders” (1920)
  8. “Absolution” (1924)   5881377211_00ba56c16b_b
  9. “The Swimmers” (1929)
  10. “Bernice Bobs her Hair” (1920)

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