The Lion


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returns to confront Asad Khalil, the Libyan terrorist known as . . . THE LION The last time Federal Agent John Corey of the Anti-Terrorist Task Force heard from Khalil, he claimed he was defecting to the U.S.-only to unleash a deadly reign of destruction on American soil. As Corey and FBI agent Kate Mayfield chased him across the country, Khalil eliminated his victims one by one and then disappeared without a trace. Now, after the events of September 11, Khalil has resurfaced, returning to murder a select group of enemies, with Kate and John topping the list. As the bodies begin to pile up, John Corey finds himself back on the hunt. The Lion is a killing machine on a mission of revenge-and Corey will stop at nothing to find and kill Khalil before he himself is killed. “Let the pulse pounding begin.” -New York Post (Beach Book Pick) “You won’t be able to put this one down, and you learn about the roots of terrorism to boot.” -Lisa Scottoline, on The Today Show


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